Princess Chalia’s Story. Reeeaaallly long, sorry.

This is the story of Chalia, a changeling princess who defied the odds and saved Equestria from a terrible fate. Which, yeah, I wrote. It’s kinda long, but who cares. Okay it’s reeaally long, deal with it. Oh well. Enjoy!

Twilight Sparkle was excitedly trotting through the Everfree forest to see Zecora. She had been looking forward to this day for weeks. Zecora had been working on a potion that could bring spirits into your home and tell the future! It was exciting. She was there before she knew it. Zecora greeted her and prepared for the spirit. “Ah, my friend, I’m glad you are here. It is the day for the spirit to appear.” Zecora said smoothly. “Okay, is it time to drink it?” Twilight asked eagerly. “Yes, Twilight, I am prepared. When the spirit comes, do not be scared!” Zecora took a breath and gulped down the swirly amythest mixture. She shuddered. “Prophecy,” she muttered shakily. Her back arched, and she began to rise up into the air, misty serpents of smoke swirled around her, and her eyes burst with white light. She blasted the Canterlot Royal Voice as the spoke the prophecy.

  • Three sacred alicorns royal
  • A rainbow pegasus always loyal
  • A work horse honest and true
  • A pegasus kindness through and through
  • An earth pony’s laughter and fun
  • A unicorn’s generosity never done
  • The unicorn’s magic wins hooves down
  • Not her, but the one who was kicked from the town
  • Ursa major undefeated
  • But a kind soul truly needed  
  • ————————————-
  • Old foes are back and stunning
  • Equestria’s days are quickly running
  • In darkest doom and falling skies
  • Born of evil, and alicorn will rise
  • Her origins are dark and dank
  • No cutie mark is on her flank
  • If Equestria wants to save their land
  • The foe now must understand
  • Evil is not what it seems
  • Quick to judge will die in screams.  

And with that, the spirit left and Zecora fell to the floor, unconsious.

Zecora’s eyes slowly opened up as her friends prodded her awake. She was in a room with all six of her friends from Ponyville, and the three princesses from Canterlot. “Thank you all for coming,” Twilight Sparkle announced. “I gathered you all here because of a troubling prophecy from Zecora. A spirit possesed her and this is what it said.” Twilight read aloud a copy of the prophecy. “That is very interesting, Twilight,” said Celestia regally. “I believe the ‘three sacred princess’ are me, my sister, and Cadence. And the beginning part refers to you six. It sounds like your elements. Except… Do you know what that line could mean, ‘Not her, but the one who was kicked from the town’?”    Applejack looked around at the other mares as Twilight dipped her head. “I think we know, your highness,” Applejack responded. “Trixie?” said Fluttershy quietly. Luna sensed the awkwardness hanging in the air. “We’ll, um, we’ll work that out later. What’s all that about an evil alicorn with no cutie mark?” Luna said, a little nervous.   Pinkie Pie stepped forward. “And that creepy line at the end! About dying in screams! Eeeek!” Pinkie Pie jumped at the thought. Cadence jumped into the middle of the clamouring ponies. “Enough! We’re all just talking about it when we need to be working this out! Let’s get hooves on the ground, everypony.” Pinkie cocked her head. “But our hooves are on the ground!” she said.   “Does anyone know another another alicorn, particularly and evil one?” asked Cadence asked, ignoring the pink pony’s incompotence. Applejack looked a little annoyed for a moment then she spoke. “I’m not going to be a liar.  I need to tell the truth to all of you. Rainbow, you tell them.” Rainbow Dash looked down, then up at the alicorns. “Well, maybe there might be a, um, a really nice, cool, not evil mare who happens to be a changeling But she’s really cool and so not evil!! She’s awesome and not at all a threat to Equestria!”  Celestia stared into the cyan pony’s eyes. “I believe you. Bring her here.” Rainbow Dash salutes her and dashed out a window. Celestia’s gaze settled on Applejack. “How did you discover this changeling? Now it was Applejack’s turn to look at the ground. “I cought them playing in the clouds together when I was harvesting apples. She doesn’t seem mean, but ya’ll know changelings, they can be a mite deceptive.”  Celestia looked up as an unfarmiliar voice seeped through the windows.  “Where’r we going, Ray?”  Then a rainbow shot through the window followed by a barreling form of black and blue-green. She had hair just like Rainbow’s but blue-green and full of holes, as were her legs. The changeling looked Celestia straight in the eye as the princess stepped forward, giving the smaller mare a menacing glare. Unexpectedly, the black mare reverently knelt, bowing to the floor in the presence of the godess. “You must be the princess of legend I have been hearing about. I have heard many tales about your regal and glorious rule. I am a peasant before you, O majestic queen.” She added quietly, “And your mane is to die for.”  Celestia looked astonished. She had been expecting resistance, even violence from the changeling now at her hooves. Celestia stood shocked, her mouth agape, as the mare walked over to Luna and bowed, not quite as lowly, but still impressive. “The same goes for you, beautiful princess of the night. You have held this land in harmony along with your sister through the toughest of times, and for that I admire you beyond measure.”  She then bowed lowest of all before Cadence.It was a little awkward as she had the same size and build as her. “And you, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. I will never forgive myself for being forced to play a role in that disaster the queen created. You are an amazing mare, and a very lucky one to be married to that hunk”. Twilight’s jaw dropped as the changeling pressed on. “I sincerely apologize for what my mother has done.”  The entire room gasped. “YOUR MOTHER?!”   “Yes, my mother is the Queen of the Changelings.” Rarity stepped a pinch closer. “And your father?” she asked delicately. The black mare shied her head away an mumbled something incomprehensible. “Just a bit louder, darling.”   “D*mubmle*” the changeling muttered.  “One more time?” encouraged Rarity.   “DISCORD! HAPPY?” The changeling shouted in the unicorn’s face, her fangs exposed.  Luna put 2 and 2 together. “So you are the daughter of Queen Chrysallis and Discord? So you are a princess. Of… chaotic changelings.”  The mare sunk to the floor, ineffectively covering her face with her hole ridden hooves. Rainbow Dash appeared at her side, stroking her mane. “She has a name you know. Call her Chalia.” Celestia stepped up to Chalia. “I would like a moment alone with Chalia.”  The ponies began to clear the room. Chalia bowed her head respectively towards the huge alicorn. Celestia began. “You were brought here because of a prophecy that I believe you play a role in. I would like to gather as much information as I can about you. Please tell me about your fillyhood, Chalia.”  Chalia looked the princess in the eye. “It’s complicated.”  “Nooo, It wouldn’t be at all complicated with Discord as a father.”  “Don’t mock me!” It was the first time Chalia had used that kind of voice with a princess. “I respect athourity, but I will not be mocked,” asserted Chalia. “Anyway,” she continued. ” I had a complicated childhood. You know how they say two wrongs make a right, or two negatives make a positive, I’m like that. My parents are two negatives, so I was born a positive. I was born a pure, alicorn, filly. With silky smooth hair, perfect legs, everything. My dad says I was beyond beautiful. Prettiest thing he’s ever seen. Everyone who knew me back then says I was really a sight to see. But such purity and harmony wasn’t meant for that world. So every day my coat became darker, my hair messier, and my legs hole-ier. And now, look at me. My mom did the whole wedding thing, but the spell Cadence & Shining Armour used only banished evil intent. I meant no wrong, so I stayed in Equestria, found Ponyvile, met Rainbow Dash, and here we are.”

Celestia had kept a perfect poker face the entire time. “Well. That’s interesting. Thank you, Chalia.” Chalia stood awkwardly for a moment, then went back to join Rainbow Dash as Celestia gave herself some time to think. Rarity piped up. “Well, this whole time I’ve just been dying to see what I can do with your look. Let’s get you to my boutique and put you in something nice, shall we?” The group migrated towards Rarity’s place as Rainbow and Chalia fluttered along at the pack of the pack. “So, Chali, what did the princess want to know?”   Chalia responded with slight sarcasm and annoyance, “She wanted to know my whole story from fillyhood to now. For the prophecy.”  “Huh.” Rainbow responded, deep in thought.

“Ooh darling, you look simply fabulous in this! And let’s put this here- Oh yes, that looks amazing! You simply must come to my salon more often!” Rarity chattered as Chalia endured her third fitting. Dress up was never her thing. Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack talked amongst themselves. Rainbow Dash was nodding sympatheticly as Rarity tightend the ribbon on her neck, then changed the color, then tried another color, then switched it back. But Twilight Sparkle was glaring at Chalia. “What?” Chalia asked. “It’s not like I’m gonna start attacking you and stealing your love for power!” Twilight gave her one final look and turned towards the other mares. Rarity furiously hacked away at a piece of fabric, attached it to her flank, and stepped back. ” A masterpiece. Just lovely.” The other mares looked at her and their jaws dropped to the floor, their eyes watering.  Chalia turned to the mirror and almost started crying. She looked stunning. This was the first time she had ever felt beauty since her fillyhood. She could have passed for an angel any day. “You can keep it, if you like it,” said Rarity. Keep it? Keep this treasure that has brought me more joy than anything? she thought to herself. Chalia’s response to Rarity was to cry with joy. And cry. And cry. Rarity really was the most generous pony in Equestria. Chalia had never known such generosity as Rarity’s. “You look so amazing!! Let’s have a PARTY!!!” Pinkie Pie was jumping up and down laughing and giggling with delight. And they partied. Hard.

They were all on their way out the door of Rarity’s boutique when Celestia appeared in front of them. “Follow me,” she said calmly. They followed her to a tall building. They went around it to the back alley. “Trixie, come out,” Celestia called. Trixie sulked out, her head hung low, until she saw Chalia. “Chali!!” she squealed. They ran up to eachother and hugged tightly. “Chal? You know Trixie?” Rainbow questioned. Trixie answered for her. “Of course I know ChaliCat! We knew eacthother as fillies! She was the most beautif- ”  Chalia cut her off. “We’ve been friends for a long time. We both know the feeling of, well, being hated.” Trixie nodded at her friend. “But you both deserve to be hated!” Twilight snapped. “You evil, friend-stealing, power-obbsessed- ” Rainbow Dash stepped in front of her, wings outstretched to protect her friends. “Sorry Twi, but I’m loyal to my friends.” Twilight’s horn burned with magic energy, ready to strike at Rainbow. Rainbow’s eyes glowed with anticipation and raised an eyebrow in challenge. Wow, thought Chalia. Rainbow Dash is practically risking her life for me. Now that’s loyalty. Rainbow Dash reared up, stretching her wings out to protect both ponies behind her. This is the real deal when it comes to loyalty. Right as Twilight prepared to strike, Rainbow Dash flinching, ready to absorb the blow, Celestia stepped in between them. “I will not have you killing these three innocent ponies!” Celestia roared. “INNOCENT?!?” Twilight screamed. She screamed again and ran off. “Celestia turned to the remaining ponies. Trixie has told me her story. Well actually, I read it on this mare’s blog. You should read it, it’s really amazing. It’s . But anyway, I have found her to be quite innocent and she will be a part of the prophecy.  Meet me back at the place we started out at.” And with that, Celestia left.

The ponies began making thier long journey back. They talked a lot. Apparently, they all despised a certain young stallion named Justin Bieber. Hated him more than anything. They were all talking and laughing about how much they just loathed the stallion. They each said one by one what they hated most about him. When it got to Fluttershy, she surprised them all. “Well, I don’t really hate him at all,” she said softly. They all gasped their lungs out, and Rarity fainted. “Well, I don’t really like him, I just don’t see why he gets all this hate.” Chalia was utterly speechless. This pony’s kindness was insane! She takes it way too far. To not hate Justin Beiber! Wow. They walked/carried Rarity the rest of the way in flabbergasted silence.

When the arrived, everyone who was orignally there was there. Twilight stood by Luna, glaring at the ponies like death. Luna spoke up. “We’ve decoded the prophecy. We will put a check by everything completed.

Three sacred alicorns royal. Yes, they’re here, Check.

A rainbow pegasus always loyal. Trixie stepped in. “Rainbow risked her life for me and Chalia. Check.”

A work horse honest and true. Cadence intercepted. “It was Applejack who revealed Chalia to us! Check.”

A pegasus kindness through and through. Rarity chimed in. “However impossible, Fluttershy doesn’t hate Justin Beiber! Check!!!”

An earth pony’s laughter and fun. Fluttershy said quietly, “Pinkie Pie threw a party all because Rarity made Chalia a dress. Check, I think.”

A unicorn’s generosity never done. Chalia spoke. “Rarity gave me the most meangful gift I’ve ever gotten. Check!”

A unicorn’s magic win’s handsdown, not her, but the one who was kicked from the town. Twilight grumbled, “The princess brought it here.”

Ursa Major undefeated but a kind soul truly needed. Trixie piped up, “I needed all of your kind souls.”

Old foes back and stunning. Twilight stepped up. “Wrong! There were no old foes, unless you mean these two old foes.” Applejack stepped towards her. “Actually, Twilight, sugar, we have seen our old foe. The other ponies nodded in agreement. “WHO? Was she invisible? ‘Cause I haven’t seen any foes other than IT.” spat Twilight. Pinkie stared the purple pony in the eyes. “YOU haven’t seen her at all! Because she IS you! You’ve been been super mean to these nice ponies because of assumtions YOU chose to make! Our old foe is Discorded Twilight! Check!” shouted Pinkie.

Equestria’s days are quickly running. Pinkie continued. “Twilight is the element of magic. Equestria would crumble without it! Check!”

In darkest doom and falling skies, born of evil, and alicorn will rise. “Check,” said Celestia. “Chalia,” she said as if that were her answer.

Her origins are dark and dank, not cutie mark is on her flank. “Changelings don’t have cutie marks,” Chalia shrugged.

If Equestria wants to save their land, the foe now must understand evil is not what it seems quick to judge will die in screams. Everyone looked a Twilight. “Okay! I give up. I’m so sorry, Chalia. It’s just, what you’re kind did at the wedding, and your comment about my brother, it just- I’m so sorry!!”    Chalia’s eyes flashed green. “YOU WILL BE.” She said in a bone-chilling voice. “Kidding!” Everyone laughed so hard they almost forgot about the prophecy. Twilight continued, “And Trixie, I am so sorry If I put you off, you remember that day, I was just so ticked off. I’m really sorry. All of you. I’m sorry if anything I did today hurt your feelings. I just want to be friends.”

A blinding white flash of light exploded through the room, and when the light receded, all of the six ponies were wearing their element necklaces, and Trixie wearing Twilight’s crown. She looked over at Twilight. The purple unicorn smiled and dipped her head, giving Trixie permission to wear it. Everyone kind of knew what they had to do already. They were going to use the Elements of Harmony on Chalia and turn her back into an alicorn princess. They all got in their formation with Trixie in front. They all rose up into the air, their element’s shimmering and glowing. Trixie’s eyes opened up full of light. A rainbow shot up into the air, landing right on Chalia. (Sorry if I kind of suck at writing right now, I’ts 5:10 am and I’ve been up all night typing this.)

Everyone gasped. Rarity fainted again. They would have had the same reactions if Celestia had just resigned as princess. No, if Celestia killed the entire population of Equestria and moved to Jupiter. Chalia got up, and Pinkie Pie fainted. Rainbow stuttered, “Chal- cha- chalia???”  Celestia gasped, “Chalia, you said you were beautiful, not utterly stunningly breathtakingly oh uh uuh!” And she fainted. Chalia walked over to a reflective glass wall. She looked indescriable!!!!! Perfect EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except for one thing… she was still a blank flank. Cadence managed to speak. “You never got your cutie mark, did you?”   Chalia looked down. “I guess not.  Cadence paused, then spoke again. “I have an idea. try to turn yourself back into a changeling. Trust me.” Chalia looked at her like the was crazy. “Trust me, I know what I’m doing!” Cadence responded. Chalia’s horn shimmered with magic, and she began to shrink back into changeling size, fangs growing, holes piercing themselves into her legs. She was a changeling again. “Do it again. Change yourself back,” Cadence encouraged. Chalia gulped, and repeated her spell.

“Wow! That’s such a cool cutie mark! How’d you get it? Huh? Huh? How?” Hyper Pinkie Pie bounced around Chalia and her new cutie mark. “I got it when I discovered I could change myself from changeling princess to alicorn beauty. Do you like it?” Pinkie shot up into the air, as only Pinkie can, and shouted, ” I LOVE IT!!! ”   Rarity began to wake up at all the commotion. “Wha, What’s going on?” Chalia replied cooly, ” I got my cutie mark. It’s a diamond with loops for each corner. Inside is a diamond like on your cutie mark with a line cutting it in half down the middle. Surrounding one half is darkness, the other half is rays of light. It means I may be a beautiful alicorn, but I will always be a changeling in my heart.”

Fluttershy piped up, “What are you going to now, Chalia?”

“Oh, I had hoped to go home to my family.” That brought down the mood. “But I will always remember you guys! And I have this *slaps her cutie mark* to prove it.”   Celestia stepped forward and nuzzled the young alicorn. “Good luck on your way, Princess Chalia.”  Chalia smiled, turned, and went on her way.

The End ☺


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N.A.U.B. For the Win!!!

I just saw a page for the National Association of Unicorn Believers and it was AWESOME!!! I with there was one for alicorns, though. N.A.A.B. Naab. Or N.A.P.B. Whatever. Oh, I posted Trixie’s story to It’s called True Talent: Trixie’s Story. Epix!

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Baby names

My top ten baby names for both girls and boys! And no, I’m not pregnant, I’m just bored.


  1. Pharaoh
  2. Rei (Means Hope)
  3. Ariella
  4. Ryann
  5. Karleigh
  6. Agape (Means God’s unconditional love)
  7. Ryanne
  8. Aricella
  9. Mauii
  10. Sandrenn  



  1. Carter
  2. Archer
  3. Ryyan (not a typo)
  4. Tanner
  5. Range
  6. Chance
  7. Tyler
  8. Demitrian
  9. Marren
  10. Tarrone (Tarr – OHne)
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My custom ponies (There’s a lot)

1. My custom pony – Silverwick

Coloring – Silver Spoon coloring

Mane/Tail – Sort of Fluttershyish but a pinch straighter and a bit shorter

Race – Unicorn

Personality – Me! Trixie + Rainbow Dash + Scootaloo, and a great singer (!!!Not to brag!!!)

Cutie Mark – Microphone & music notes, got by winning a singing competition TV Show

2. My BFF Shelby’s pony – Pop Rocks

Coloring – Sky blue with a turquoise mane & tail

Mane/Tail – Like Pinkamena but waves out at the end

Race – Pegasus

Personality – Totally Pinkie Pie but crazy in a good way. Super nice and fun!

Cutie Mark – Happy face, sad face, crazy face, mad face, derp face. Got by being so random, she accidentally shredded time & space

3. My BFF Mady’s pony – Team Spirit

Coloring – Vivid orange body, bright red mane & tail, bright green hooves

Mane/Tail – Rainbow Dash but bright orange with a magenta streak

Race – Earth Pony

Personality – Fun, free, and nice to everyone! Ultimate team player but still thinks for herself.

Cutie Mark – A smiling heart with a pencil behind it, ( like / overlapping ♥ )because she is a great inventor (pencil) and because she’s so nice (heart). How’d she get it? Long story. Raised by the Warriors cats, then dropped off in Ponyville when she was a young filly. She was bullied by the other foals. Then the was captured a black alicorn who told her to use her Warrior instincts and stand up to the bullies. He let her go and she did as told, getting her Cutie Mark. Idk, Mady made it up.

4.  Cinnamon Dream

Coloring – Cinnamon body with a cream mane/tail

Mane/Tail – Sort of like Cadence but a bit curlier

Race – Pegasus with INSANELY huge wings. Each the size of stallions.

Personality – Shy at first, due to being teased about her massive wings. But when you get to know her, she’s really witty and funny.

Cutie Mark – A HUUUGE pegasus feather. Got at flying school when all she did was flap once and instantly soared up high into the sky, thanks to her enormous and  powerful wings.

 5. Princess Chalia (Changeling)

Coloring- Changeling coloring

Mane/Tail- Like Rainbow Dash but with the coloring and holes of her mother, Queen Crysallis.

Race- Changeling but like Cadence size and shape but you know, with holes in the legs and hair and with those fluttery wings.

Personality- Really nice. She doesn’t beleive in all that stuff the queen talked about, power and whatnot.

Cutie Mark- Changelings don’t have cutie marks.

6. Princess Chalia (Alicorn)

Coloring- Same.

Mane/Tail- One strip of hair going down the side like Chrysallis, and the rest down the opposite side of her head. No holes, completely smooth and very pretty.

Race- Alicorn. Cadence size.

Personality- Extreemley nice. Loves everypony.

Cutie Mark- A diamond shape with loops on each corner connecting the lines. Inside is a diamond (like one of Rarity’s cutie mark diamonds) split in half. Surrounding one half of the diamond is dark, black light. The other half is backed by rays of sunlight. Represents… eh, just read the fic I wrote. Scroll up and read it for her cutie mark.

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Why I like Diamond Tiara

I like DT for the same reason I like Trixie. The little details in the stories are kind of different, but mainly the same. Something bad, tells herself she’s great, feels better, yada yada yada. But she’s jealous of Sweetie Belle because her crush, Forest Fire, likes SB instead of her. Eyup.

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Trixie’s story (edited, happy ending this time! ☺☺☺)

Most people hate Trixie for boasting and lying about herself. But they don’t know the whole story. Only me and my closest bronyfriends know her story. I got a lot of negative comments about how it’s too sad, so I edited it and gave it a happy ending. Here goes:

Trixie was born into and abusive home. Her father drank, and her mother did everything. Filly Trixie witnessed alot of violence as her mother faught with her father. Her mother started drinking as well. Then, when her father died, her mother took out all of her anger on Trixie. Every day, Trixie was called very cruel things. A waste of space. A usless burden. Just one more weight on her mother’s shoulder. The more she heard it, the more she believed it. And she was still a relatively young filly.

When she went to school, she was depressed. Until she met Starfire. Starfire was her only friend. When Star learned about Trix’s “problem”, she got an idea. She told Trixie to say something good about herself. She thought it might make her friend feel better. Raise her self esteem a bit. It kind of did. A little. “I am amazing,” said Trixie. “”I can do so many magic tricks, and I can sing, and I aced that last math test.”” She started to feel good about herself for the first time in a while. But it was a tainted kind of happiness, like deep down, she knew she was lying to herself. Trixie didn’t care. She wanted to be happy.

 A month later, tradegy struck. Starfire was murdered. Trixie lost it. Her mother gave no support, Trixie might as well be dead for all she cared. Trixie had no one. No one. No one but herself. So she tried to make herself bigger. She honored Starfire by doing what she said to do. Every night, she would say this in the mirror ten times. ” I am the best. I can do anything. I am the Great and Powerful Trixie. ”  Every time she said it, it made her feel just a little bit better. It was all she had. The only way she could feel happy.

 As she grew into a mare, she tried to learn more about magic. She learned a few tricks, and got pretty good. She saw her chance at a community talent show. She won. She was so happy! She traveled all over Equestria trying to prove herself. To her mother. To herself. But she wasn’t received just as she expected. They, well, they hated her. They called her selfish. Bragger. Boaster. Not even bothering to ask her side of the story. She cried alot in those days. She felt so horrible. But how did she cope with depression? By building herself up, especially in front of an audience. Then, at one show in Ponyville, a certain Twilight Sparkle showed her up in front of the whole town, making her look like a total fool. She almost killed herself over it. But just as she was about to end it all, she dropped the knife. As she bent over to grab it, something caught her eye. It was a picture of her and Starfire at their first sleepover. The little blue filly’s eyes shone and sparkled as tears splattered the frame. She couldn’t do it. Trixie held the picture tight as she dragged herself home. She owed it to Starfire to prove herself. She didn’t really understand how that worked, but for some reason it was true. It had to be.

Trixie knew what she had to do. She was going to prove herself to Twilight Sparkle and vanquish an ursa major. She marched off the Everfree forest. She reached the cave, took a breath, and ran in. Trixie battled with all her magic and all her might, but she could barely wound the creature. As she felt the giant paws nearly crush her, she had one thought: I let Starfire down. I let my mother down. I let myself fall so low, I deserve every bit of this painful death. That was her last thought before the darkness took over.

The next thing she knew, she was indoors, nearly covered in bandages. Trixie looked around, and assumed she was in hell. She saw the smirking, satisfied, proud face of Twilight Sparkle staring at her. But then Twilight’s face softened and spoke. “I have a lot of questions, but I assume you have more. I think you recognize me, Twilight Sparkle. You are in Ponyville, inside my house. I found you unconsious in the Everfree forest, so I took you into my house and healed you up. You have been here for a day and a half. Anything else?” 

Trixie stutttered, “Why did you save me? I thought you- you hated me.”

“Well, that’s no excuse to let a pony die, is it?”

Trixie looked at the floor as Twilight baraged her with questions. “What were you doing out in the forest? Why were you out so late? How did you get hurt so badly?”

Trixie hesitated, then reluctantly told her everything. “Well, I- I was so depressed by the way you showed me up, I almost killed myself over it, I felt I needed to prove myself, I went out to vanquish an ursa major, and this is how I ended up.” 

Twilight nuzzled the bandaged unicorn. “You should never put your life on the line to prove yourself. You could have just approached me about it.”

At that, Trixie burst out crying. “I could never have done that! You’re so powerful- I couldn’t.”

Twilight stroked the sobbing pony’s mane. “It’s okay,” she murmured. “But I can’t help asking something. It’s been really bugging me- Why did you boast about yourself like that? I mean, sometimes it’s okay, but you took it way too far. Why did you do it?”  With that, Trixie calmed down, and told Twilight everything. Everything from her fillyhood, to her marehood, to right now.

Twilight wiped some tears from her violet eyes and hugged Trixie harder that anything in her entire life. “You are a very brave pony, Trixie. And very talented.” Trixie nuzzled the purple unicorn and said, “Nopony has ever said that to me before… exept…” She decided to let go of that memory. She would always have Starfire’s picture, her adorable filly smile, her orange mane flowing to the side. Fresh tears streamed from her eyes. Twilight wiped them from her new friend’s face. “Trixie, you don’t have to prove yourself anymore. You’ve proven enough. And clearly, I’ve misjugded you.”

“You have no idea how much I’ve needed to hear that over the years.” Trixie instantly perked up. “But there’s no way any of this is going to my head. I’ve sunk far too low to get back into that again.”  Twilight smiled and offered a hug, and Trixie fell into her arms.

In the weeks that followed, the two mares really got to know each other. They taught each other magic tricks, did each other’s manes, read My Little Dashie together, cried together for hours, and became true best friends. And that really proves to be truly great and powerful, you just need some forgiveness and a second chance.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned a very powerful lesson about friendship. When somepony boasts, it can be easy to judge them and label them as mean ponies without hearing their side of the story. I learned that you need to love and tolerate everyone, and forgive them in their weakness. A true friend can be found in anypony, even the last pony you would expect.

                                     Your Faithful Student,

                                                 Twilight Sparkle

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Top 10 Favorite Ponies and Why

  1. Trixie – Read fanfic above
  2. Rainbow Dash – Read “My Little Dashie”
  3. Diamond Tiara – Same reason as Trixie
  4. Silver Spoon – Same as DT
  5. Stalkerloo – She never really had a family, so she became a full-time stalker
  6. Fluttershy – She’s so sweet and gentle… and awesome when crazy
  7. Derpy Hooves – Derp Derp Derp
  8. Pinkie Pie – She’s crazy and unpredictable
  9. Rarity – Total Shakespeare
  10. Trollestia – Hilarious
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